Books and Newspaper Columns

The Little Rippers, Volume One: Here Come The Little Rippers
The Little Rippers, Volume Two: Go West Little Rippers

Kat McGee and The School of Christmas Spirit
Valley News Column: “The Trendiness of Raising Chickens”
Valley News Column: “Leaving Las Vegas”
Valley News Column: “Awaiting Your Reply”
Valley News Columns: “Cabin Fever, and the Cure is Jimmy Buffett”
Valley News Column:  “I’m Done Waiting For Special Occasions”
Valley News Column:  “Little Miss Jersey Shore”
Valley News Column:  “Little League is my Big League”
Valley News Column: “A Night With Leonardo DiCaprio”
Boston Globe Magazine Column:  “Dear Internet: Please Forget Me”
Liftopia Interview “The Little Rippers”
Reader’s Digest:  “What Your Christmas Tree Says About You”
Skiing Magazine:  “Ski Dads
Vermont Public Radio Interview “Read This Blog Before It’s Gone”