Honest Advice for the Class of 2019

Touch your toes everyday, just because you can.
When it comes to cars or medicine, always get a second opinion.
Make your boss look good if you want that promotion.
Don’t cry over a break-up with a girlfriend/boyfriend who ever made you cry.
Read the newspaper, if only on Sundays.
Drink more water than anything else.
Chew with your mouth closed. Dine with your lap napkin open.
Give in to indulgences, but not enough to allow them to become routine.
Drop your spare change in charity cans near supermarket check-outs.
Handshake with a purpose. Hug with your heart.
When it’s important, pick up the phone. (Skip the text.)
Take care of your skin. Take care of your grandfather. Take care of your dog.
Politely merge in single file.
Be like a Norwegian and embrace friluftsliv.
Spend more money on dental care than make-up. (Lipstick can’t help a rotten smile.)
R.S.V.P. whether it’s YES or NO.
Own ONE major credit card. Pay it off on time.
Don’t let your second language be swear words.
Celebrate Mother’s Day and Father’s Day with more than a facebook post.
Take that diploma and run before they find out what really happened for the past four years.

P.S. Congrats to the Class of 2019! Run the world, kiddos!

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