Raisins on Halloween


Nobody wants a box of raisins on Halloween. It doesn’t matter that you’re trying to keep the kids healthy. It doesn’t matter that raisins taste sweeter than most other dried fruits. It simply doesn’t matter.

Nobody wants toothbrushes, pennies, or anything sugar-free either. Kids wants candy. Good ol’ fashioned candy. Candy with shiny wrappers. Candy that oozes goodness. Candy that is trade-able with brothers and sisters. Candy that gives cavities and diabetes and empty calories. And for one night in limited portions, I think candy is a good thing for our kiddos.

I’m impartial to snack-size packets of M&Ms. They are colorful. They are all-American. They are the first candies I steal from my nephews’ trick-or-treat bags. I’m convinced each color candy tastes differently, even though I know better. (I’ve always liked the red ones best of all.)

I buy a bag of Halloween M&Ms every year, even though I’ve never had a trick or treater at my house. My driveway is too long to warrant a walk for a treat. Yet, every year, I buy a jumbo bag of candy just in case someone takes the time to visit. Then, I eat the candy myself through the holidays…savoring each red M&M.

I don’t eat raisins until after Thanksgiving. As far as I’m concerned they can wait.

*For more on trick-or-treaters, click here.

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