Skinny Knees

I’m not sure if you’ve heard, but I’ve got some fabulous knees.

My calves, however, are another story. I’ve always had strong, wide, calves… partly because of genetics, partly from a lifetime of running on my toes. My lower legs don’t fit in Uggs. I need special sizing for ski boots. And, I’ve been told by men that they wished they had my calves.

While I’m incredibly thankful for healthy legs which get me where I want to go, I’ve always been a little self-conscious of my calves. And, shopping for pants can be a nightmare. (Forget skinny jeans, I’m lucky if I can squeeze into a plain pair of wide-leg corduroys.) It’s always a war of leg vs. material as I try not to split seams in dressing rooms.

So, last St. Patrick’s Day, when a friend’s sister was making shamrock leggings for a local 5K race, my friend warned her to leave a little more fabric for my calves.When the big day came and I put on the leggings, my friend’s sister took a good look at my infamous calves. She stared at at my legs a second longer than most people, as I uncomfortably waited for her reaction. “You have such skinny knees,” she said with a smile.

Her comment overjoyed me. It was such a simple statement, but it reminded me the importance of focusing on the positive. Now, when pants don’t fit in a dressing room, I don’t hate my calves. I just look for a pair of jeans which will best accentuate my fabulous knees.

Happy St. Patrick’s week everyone!  Flaunt what you’ve got!



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