Happy Non-Holiday Birthday!

Many of the people I love were born in December. The month is scattered with birthday celebrations of every age. We celebrate my husband, my father, my aunt, and many close friends. (Thirteen of my facebook friends all celebrate a birthday in the next four days!) And in order to successfully celebrate a “holiday season birthday,” we do our best to get rid of the red and green. Even though Christmas is actually a religious birthday celebration, I can’t help but allow my hubby to pick his own theme colors for his Dec. 22 party.

My husband, in particular, is celebrating a big milestone birthday tomorrow.  And so,  we’ll turn off our Mariah Carey Christmas album, and turn up Coldplay. We’ll skip the red and green cookies, and instead eat bright pink strawberry cake (his favorite). We’ll leave the Christmas tree lights off, and instead cuddle by the dim television light of a movie-on-demand (his choice, of course, The Thomas Crown Affair.)

Yep, in my family, we do our best to separate birthday and holiday. Over the weekend, we celebrated my father’s  birthday with a margarita party and a trip to a local indoor swimming pool.  We dined out with spicy stirfry at a local hibachi restaurant, and didn’t complete a single Christmas chore all day.  It could as well have been any summer day.

We all know that we can’t change a birthday. And my loved ones all agree that they don’t mind their holiday-timed birth dates. However, I simply can’t allow red and green to be the theme of any of my friends’ late- December birthday parties. They deserve their own thunder.

Happy birthday, December babies!  Sending kisses to all (without the mistletoe.)



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