The Best Early Gift

I don’t remember a single gift I received last Christmas. I know they all were lovely, and I know I put them all to good use. But I can’t name one. This year, though, I received the best early Christmas present of the past decade. (Nothing will ever beat the Joe McIntyre -of New Kids on the Block fame- autographed photo that my grandmother gave me when I was a tween.)

My father surprised me with an unexpected, and very much appreciated advertisement for my children’s book, The Little Rippers, in the latest December 2015 issue of SKI magazine.

Here’s the thing: I don’t have the budget for mass marketing of my books.  I drive my friends and family crazy with Facebook posts.  I hate self-promotion, and so usually I don’t talk about the book unless someone asks me.  I’ve thought about promoting the book in SKI, but I never took the plunge.

Yet, with the help of my husband and my mother-in-law, my father made it happen.  When I opened this month’s issue, I was shocked to see The Little Rippers book cover in one of the back squares of the magazine.  It’s hard to surprise me, but for a few moments, I was speechless.

Kudos, Dad.  I’ll remember this one for years to come.  Apparently, I should think of a better gift for you than sweatpants.

5 thoughts on “The Best Early Gift

  1. remember when we would get everyone sweatpants for Xmas from the bookstore? ‘Merry Christmas here are some sweats I bought you with the money I just got from selling back my textbooks that you bought me!’. Love your dad. Love the little rippers. Xoxo


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