Only ONE Gift Guide

I only have one gift suggestion: give the gift of reading together (even if you’re apart).

Simply buy/find a book your loved one would enjoy.  Read it (or re-read it), and as you go, write little notes with your own thoughts in the margin.  Ta-da. You’ve just created a fabulous and thoughtful gift!

A few sample comments from margins of gifted books:

  • “Really, Sherlock?  You didn’t notice the thumbtack back in Chapter Two? Sheesh.”
  • “This restaurant sounds like that crazy dive-bar we went to in Saratoga.”
  •  “I’m bored, and skipping this page, but wait until you see page 45.”
  • “I find that this sololiquoy is more enjoyable with a margarita in hand.”
  • “Jack Black would be perfect to play ‘Henry’ in the movie version.”
  • “Call me when you read this part!”

Skip the Black Friday shopping, and settle in with a heavy quilt and a glass of Malbec. Then,  start scribbling all over All The Light We Cannot See.  Your sister is going to love it.



4 thoughts on “Only ONE Gift Guide

  1. This is the best idea ever. You are brilliant. The latest issue of US Magazine with all my margin notes is coming your way Dec 23. Xoxoxo


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