Saying Grace

Things for which I’m Thankful
Ice cubes
Children’s books
A heavy quilted blanket, and a dog and hubby with whom to share it
Stovetop popcorn
The lad I met in a Scotland cab who will soon be joining the British Armed Forces
The smell of a match lighting an unscented candle
Two persnickety nephews, and one sassy niece
Steady, healthy heartbeats
Good ol’ fashioned black and white print newspapers
The “Norwich Turkey Trot” 5k
Fleece lined clothing
Hometown Heroes
Nat King Cole’s voice
The evergreen tree which toppled away from the house
Hot tub soaks
Astronauts, Anesthesiologists, and Animal Shelter Attendants
The Splendid Table on NPR
Watermelon, with or without seeds
The Radio City Rockettes, in the Macy’s Parade, kicking ’em high
All those crazy friends and relatives with stuffing in their teeth and bad jokes and heavy pours and long-distance calls and cheating card-players and screaming kids.

And a holiday which truly requires no other gift than simply just being there.

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