An Apple A Day

I’ve never been a big fan of apples. For me, they’re a five on a scale of one to ten in the fruit department.  (Not as fabulous as watermelon- nine,  but not as horrible as kiwi-two.)

But this time of year, I can’t help but eat apples.  They’re everywhere.  I can’t brush my teeth without stumbling over a MacIntosh.

They’re on the ground outside. They’re in barrels at the grocery store.  They’re in buckets at my neighbor’s house. They’re perfectly piled in a Simon Pearce glass bowl for decoration at my girlfriend’s perfect Pottery Barn home.

So, I give in to the apples.  I can’t turn away a juicy Empire that my nephew hands me after his apple-picking school trip.  I’d be rude not to accept the apple my colleague hands me during our lunch break. And it feels wasteful not to pick the gorgeous red apple hanging in front of me during my walk with my dog.  And I drink the cider, and eat the pie, and taste the crumble, and throw my hands up into the air and, gosh darn it, just EAT EVERY SINGLE APPLE PRODUCT IN THE WHOLE WIDE CRAZY WORLD.

And to be honest, they don’t taste bad. And as long as a lost worm doesn’t find his way into my mouth, I won’t mind eating the millions of apple products.  I actually might even have a second slice of your homemade apple pie.

But,  when I get the chance… I’ll wash it down with orange juice 🙂



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