Don’t Jersey Vermont

There are people in my town who proudly display bumper stickers reading “Don’t Jersey Vermont.”  While I could be offended because I, as a native New Jersey person, am technically “Jerseying Vermont,” I refuse to get angry. Here’s why:

1.  I’m honored that “Jersey” is a verb! I believe that Jersey is the only state-verb of the 50 states. Jealous, Texas? Peeved, Nebraska? Thought so! Sigh, New Jersey has always been a trendsetter.

2. The “Don’t Jersey Vermont” facebook group has fewer likes (388) than my Novel Nibble page (491). And both of us have fewer followers than the New Hampshire Telephone Museum (a whopping 659!)  Clearly, we’ve all got a long way to go before any of us can influence like the Biebs or Kar-cash-ians.

3. I’m going to create bumper stickers which read “Don’t Vermont Jersey.” Yep, I don’t want you bringing your organic farms and maple syrup and spotted cows and Cabot cheese to the Garden State. Keep ’em out. Jersey’s got their own tomatoes. #theBossdon’teatvermontcheddar

Yep, those “Don’t Jersey Vermont” bumper stickers don’t bother me at all.  As a Jersey-girl-turned-Vermont-resident, I know the value of both the Green Mountain and the Garden states. They have both been home to Phish’s Trey Anastasio.  They both grow darn good corn. And they are both filled with the occasional jerk who gives the state a bad rap.

Now, I just need one of those “Co-Exist” stickers with different state shapes for each letter. 🙂





2 thoughts on “Don’t Jersey Vermont

  1. My family and I are from NJ, well, my husband is born and raised, I moved from PA a few years ago, and have just read of this “don’t Jersey Vermont” thing. We are considering a move there and are glad not everyone in Vermont feels this way! too funny. Love your sticker.


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