Let Freedom (NOT) Ring!

My house has no cell phone service.*  I say that statement without pity. I say it with pride.

My house has no cell phone service, baby!

People love my house, just for this reason. Sure, I have internet in my home, so if people really need to check their facebook status, they can. But without cell service, they have an excuse for peace and quiet.

Guests have told me that my little Vermont home feels like a retreat. At first, it might feel like rehab as they deal with cell detox. But after a day, they love it. They realize all of the other things that happen in the world, and not just on Instagram.

Also, not having cell phone service at one’s home is also an argument for keeping a simple phone. Below, is a picture of my actual phone. I have no internet service on my cell. No special emoticons. Not even a decent camera. But, I believe that if an alien landed on this planet, it would believe that my simple phone would be the more advanced technology. It’s little. It’s less complicated. And the screen is nearly unbreakable. (Trust me on this one.)


Tonight, I’m having a fourth of July weekend kick-off celebratory BBQ. There will be music. There will be the hiss of sparklers.  There will be the pop of champagne bottles.

But our phones will be silent as we take the time to celebrate family and this great country.  Our forefathers would be darn proud.

*Technically, if you stand on your right foot while balancing on the end table in my upstairs guest room, you might be able to get a bar’s worth of service. But never two bars. Just enough to possibly receive or send a text message. (Basically, enough to send a late night textaroo to a significant other.)

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