Jennifer Garner’s Ears

I was sad to hear the news of Jennifer Garner and Ben Affleck’s divorce. I don’t know either of them. And, like millions of other Americans,  I could say that they “seem” like good people.  I bet those millions of people are right.

I don’t keep up on celebrity news often but I admit to pausing for a moment for this particular break-up.  Ben will survive. So will Jen. But frankly, she’s the one I’m more interested in.

There aren’t a lot of celebrities whom I would be comfortable babysitting my nephews. But Jennifer Garner strikes me as someone who is competent and interesting.  She’s certainly a beautiful woman, but gorgeous women in Hollywood are a nickel a dozen. Yet, Jennifer actually seems like someone I could spend more than five minutes with at a bookstore.  And she named her daughter Seraphina, which of course, ups her cool factor.

Other reasons to like her?  Her beauty is imperfectly perfect. She has a funny toe-issue. Her ears protrude. She’s not stick skinny.   Her teeth aren’t as white as her husband’s fakes. Frankly, she looks like someone that we all went to high school with.

And speaking of high school, she’s educated. She graduated from Denison, and then went to The National Theater Institute in Connecticut. It seems like she gained her fame the old fashioned way, through hard work and talent.

I’m sure she’s got quirks and interests and funny little sounds she makes when she sneezes. But the bottom line is that in terms of “media relate-ability,” she’s a star.

Yep, Jen will survive this divorce like thousands of other people. Yet, I wish her well.  She seems like someone who has got more going on than just her autograph.

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