Inside Pat Sajak’s Mind

A “J”?  Do you know that a “J” is the fourth least common letter in the English language?  Probably not since you picked a “X” in the last puzzle.

I can’t believe you can’t figure this out by now. Green Eggs and Ham? You’ve already got the Green and the Eggs? Have you ever read a Dr. Seuss book?  It seems appropriate for your reading level.

You’re going to let that smug little teacher lady win this whole darn thing because you picked a “J” for a puzzle which should have been solved three spins ago. She’ll use the prize money for a down payment on a condo somewhere near Laguna and she’ll fill the place with hundreds of little lighthouses decorations from Home Goods. Her poor sap of a husband, with his mustache and oversized slacks, will have to look at those darn lighthouses for the rest of his life, just because you picked the “J.”

And you?  You’ll be the laughing stock of your fire department back home since you don’t know Green Eggs and Ham. They won’t tell that to your face, of course, but you’ll be eating a whole lot of green eggs for the rest of your life.  You nincompoop.

“I’m sorry, Carl. No ‘J.’ Martha, it’s your spin.”



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