Prison Break

I, like my fellow Americans, have been fascinated and terrified with the recent Shawshank-style prison break from Dannemora. (I barely slept a wink last night after Governor Shumlin announced that they *might* have fled to Vermont campsites.)  I have many opinions and reactions to the actual prison break, which I will tell you in person someday over a drink, but clearly, we are all thinking one thing:

Where are they?

There is speculation that the prisoners have interest in seasonal cottages in upstate New York. And I can’t help thinking that they are somewhere in Iowa by now, wearing wigs, and calling each other Marge and Eleanor. Yet, I also have visions of the conclusion of Shawshank when Morgan Freeman and Tim Robbins live their days on a (gorgeous) deserted island somewhere. I’m hoping that these prisoners do not get their deserted island (unlike the deserving Shawshank characters) but rather they are put back behind bars swiftly and justly.

But the whole scenario makes me wonder. Where I would go if I needed to reinvent myself?

The idea of reinventing oneself is always glorified in movies and television dramas. And yet, I can’t help but wonder what I would do if I were forced into witness protection for a non-criminal reason? Would I be able to move to that deserted island, never to be seen by family and friends again if that were my only option for peace? Could Rebecca Munsterer become Lillian Kruger and never speak a word of her past for the rest of her life?

I’m not sure. But as with life, sometimes we don’t know until we’re put up to the challenge.

Let’s pray that in the case of the Dannemora escape, the challenge is simply too difficult for these criminals.  I’m hoping that the authorities catch them VERY soon.

After all, Bruce Springsteen is the only person who was truly born to run.


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