Bread Pudding

I have this thing about bread pudding. Whenever it is on the menu, I have to treat myself. It doesn’t matter if I’m trying to cut back on desserts. It doesn’t matter if I’m trying to save a few pennies.  It doesn’t matter if I’m already stuffed from a pesto pasta dinner.

If bread pudding presents itself to me, I must accept.

Yet, I will not teach myself how to make bread pudding.  If bread pudding was available to me with just the stir of a spoon, it would lose its specialness. It’s important to leave the possibility of bread pudding to the powers that be, rather than making it accessible.

I love that my friends know that they can order me bread pudding if it appears on a dessert menu while I’m in the restroom. I love that my husband decided to have bread pudding instead of cake at our wedding.  I love that I have a habit of peeking in cafe windows, just in case I spy those magical two words on the “specials” chalkboard.

My friends have their own little things they can’t pass up.  Playing public pianos.  Putting dollars in “Zoltar” fortune teller machines.  Buying astronaut ice cream at museums.  It’s a comical (and telling) list of little personal quirks.  But it goes to show that we all have something we just can’t pass up.

What’s yours?







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