True Colors

Apparently, coloring books are a new trend in Saturday afternoon entertainment for adults.

And I say, sign me up. Some might think coloring for adults is a bit too new-age. Yet, I’m up for anything I can do while drinking a gin and tonic. Coloring is mindless, calming, and can be done while carrying on conversation at the same time. Pass the crayons.

When I was a teenager, I loved coloring with the kids whom I babysat. In fact, I bought a coloring book for myself, and would spend summer nights coloring on vacation while chatting with my friends on the phone. Coloring was simply something to pass the time when there was time to pass. And when you were a high schooler who wore jeans to the beach, collected faucet heads for fun,  and the only boy who called you was your cousin, you had time to pass.

Now, time is a little more precious with a million things to do, and another million which should have been done yesterday. Yet, there’s always time to unplug and debate whether the hummingbird should be periwinkle-blue or emerald-green. Big professional decisions melt away when you’re busy making little creative decisions.  And there’s something wonderful about a new box of crayons which will never lose it’s excitement.

So, if anyone wants a coloring date, let me know.  The only color I’ll make you choose in advance is if I should bring the red or the white.


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