SURPRISE! It’s… something from The Something Store?

Sometimes you just need a bit of a surprise. At least, I know I do.

So, when my brother-in-law told me about The Something Store, I knew it was right up my alley. (Yes, I know this sounds like a paid endorsement, but trust me kiddos, I ain’t making a dime for my time.)

The Something Store is so simple that it makes me mad that I didn’t think up the idea. You send the company $10 through their website, and they send you something. Anything. But you don’t know what it is until it arrives.

My brother-in-law had received a bright orange plastic belt. It looked like something you would either wear on spring break in Daytona or a hunting trip to Montana. But it was pretty fabulous. And it was certainly nothing that he ever would have purchased himself. His belt made for an interesting story, and I was intrigued.

So, I went online to see samples of other “somethings” they send. The send wine openers and masquerade masks, resistance bands and tea infusers, cheese knives and harmonicas, and even cameras and Kindles. (Clearly, you had to be a lucky duck to get the big-ticket items.) There was nothing I necessarily needed on their list of examples, however, there was nothing that I wouldn’t be pleased to receive. So, I signed up and sent my ten bucks. (I was psyched that shipping was included in the price.) I had a tinge of guilt for sending money just for something random, but at the same time, I knew that I could always donate whatever I received to charity.

Every time I checked my mailbox, there was anticipation for my surprise. Then, yesterday, my long-awaited package arrived.  I inspected it carefully. It was too small to be a Kindle. Yet, too large to be jewelry. I waited until I got home, and then opened it with the excitement of a five year old on Christmas morning.

Finally, it was time for the big reveal. It was a salt and pepper shaker set designed to look like spray paint cans.  I stood there for a moment, staring at the shakers. I wasn’t sure if I was excited or disappointed but I certainly was amused. I would never buy myself this gift, but the universe had sent it to me, and I would kindly accept. (Click here for a picture of the shakers.)

I’m not sure if I’ll order from The Something Store again this summer. I might wait until the quiet of winter when a surprise package might be a welcome addition to my snow-covered mailbox. But I’m certainly am an amused customer. This summer, if you come to my house, you can season your corn on the cob with my spray paint can salt and pepper shakers. And when you ask where I got them, I’ll have a story to tell.



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