Puppy Love

I didn’t mean to fall in love with another man. But he entered my home, and took me (and my dog) by surprise. Since then, it’s been love.

Dr. Chris Pet Vet is a family-friendly Saturday morning television program on CBS. It follows the adventure of a veterinarian as he helps furry and fur-less friends recover from injuries and disease.  It’s a feel-good show, where all pets survive and thrive to the delight of their friendly owners.

But that’s not why I watch it.

I watch Dr. Chris Pet Vet because a better looking person has never walked the earth. Not only is Dr. Chris tall, blonde, tanned, and handsome, but he also has a jawline structured by the gods. His wavy hair accentuates his blue eyes. And, he’s Australian. AUSTRALIAN! “The cocker spaniel is healthy, mate!” There is not a person who is more dreamy. Did I mention that he saves puppies for a living?

My husband completely understands why both Mabel and I drool at the television. He can’t deny the perfection of an successful, young veterinarian who looks like a model and talks like Crocodile Dundee. Mabel, my black lab, wags her tail as Dr. Chris saves the dogs who bark through the television screen. (We both dream of bringing her to his office for a check-up, just so we both could see his megawatt smile in person.)

Dr. Chris, if you’re out there reading this… I have a lovely six year old Labrador Retriever who needs her annual Lyme vaccine. We’re ready when you are.


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