Pizza Night Vermont

Year ago, I went on a date with a man who picked at his pizza. He used his fork and knife to take a few bites, and then he ripped bird-size pieces from the crust.

Needless to say, there was no second date.

I’m intolerant of people who can’t just eat a slice of pizza. Go ahead and order whatever pizza suits your dietary restrictions, but for gosh sake, eat it. Stuff that slice in your mouth like a letter in an envelope, and finish every crumb of the crust.  It’s PIZZA, after all, the most adaptable and delicious food on the planet.

Recently, I saw a commercial featuring Monica Seles for B.E.D. (Binge Eating Disorder). Now, I know B.E.D. is serious, and I know that Monica is doing good work. But the commercial warns about eating an entire pizza in one sitting. I don’t have B.E.D. but I can eat an entire pizza in commercial break of Seinfeld.

My love for pizza is in my DNA. Team pizza parties were the reason to play soccer as a kid. (I certainly wasn’t playing it for the exercise.)  Pizza Fridays were an excuse to actually eat school lunches. And who didn’t love the feeling of a warm pizza on your lap in the passenger seat of your mother’s car?

So, I was thrilled to find out about Pizza Night Vermont. Pizza Night Vermont is written by an old friend, and peppered with drool-worthy pictures. Truth be told, their recipe for good ol’ Margherita Pizza is my favorite, since I’m a red sauce, few toppings, and doughy goodness type of girl. But, let’s be honest, if you put any of their slices in front of me, they’ll be gone before I have time to order a complimentary cocktail. And if you don’t finish every bite on your plate, there won’t be a second date. (No pressure!)



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