Hey Pine-Sol Sister

Anyone who tells you that they don’t like cleaning out the kitchen pantry is lying.

I look forward to spring cleaning in a way that I look forward to Christmas. I love having an excuse to wear sweatpants and spend all day in my house. It’s an excuse to turn on Real Housewives of Everywhere and forage for quarters in my couch cushions. It’s terrific exercise both physically and financially as I stretch around my closets, figuring out which never-worn sweaters I can consign. It’s an inspiration as I flip through my spice rack and pledge to finally make the paprika-seasoned skirt steak.

Sure, certain cleaning tasks are more fun than others. I’m not big on scrubbing floors. And I certainly don’t like finding spiders in the corners of my laundry room. (I relocate all of them outside to a wood pile.) But give me a tub of Lysol wipes, and I’ll have a dance party wiping my bookcases clean. And there’s something calming about actually taking inventory of the clutter on my work desk. And my junk drawer? Don’t even get me started. I could spend all day reorganizing the tidbits in that “everything goes” drawer. It’s a surprise shopping spree, since I never know what I’ll find: chapstick, birthday candles, playing cards.

This morning, on my daily dog walk, a friend and I bonded over our secret love of purging a refrigerator. There’s hope in throwing out expired yellow mustard, and making room for a fancier Dijon blend. We love “shopping our closets” for spring, after we forget about the pink Capri pants we bought last August.  We love how a new duvet cover can make a bedroom feel like Pottery Barn. There’s just something incredibly productive about a good spring cleaning which wipes the slate clean for the promise of summer.

Plus, I can’t help but fall in love with my husband all over again when we open up the windows, crank up the radio, and rearrange furniture. As silly as it might sound, I’d rather spend a night ordering new carpet online than ordering lobster at a restaurant.  And, there is nothing hotter than a man holding a toilet wand. Trust me.

Yep, when it comes to spring cleaning, I’m a fan. And the best part is the final result. Bring on the Scrubbin’ Bubbles. It’s about to get seriously clean around here.


Photo credit: goodhousekeeping.com





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