Now Boarding… Group F

If one more person stuffs their bag into the overhead compartment of 14C, even though they are sitting in 24B, I might lose it.

On a flight from Vegas to Boston on Virgin Atlantic on Sunday, a man seated eight rows behind me stuck his bag in the overhead compartment above my seat.  And the dead horse he must have been smuggling in that bag hung from the side of the bin into the aisle. Clearly, the flight attendant would not be able to shut the overhead compartment. But man in the back didn’t care. He was already three games of Candy Crush ahead on his Ipad.

There’s a special place in the afterlife for people who dump their luggage in compartments in the front of the plane.  There’s an even more special place for people who carry-on oversized luggage.

Flight attendants must have the patience of ripening pears to deal with these nincompoops. I have a hard time biting my tongue when all of the overhead compartments are full in rows 5-10 with luggage from folks in rows 20-25. Each plane should have a designated luggage compartment for each row, and when people try to pre-dump their luggage, they should lose bathroom privileges for the flight. I also think there should be a law that anyone bringing oversized luggage on a plane should be forced to carry it on their own laps.

Maybe I’m just a cranky traveler. But the overhead bin should hold my luggage over my head. Not your smuggled dead horse.

Virgin Atlantic, United, American, anyone?  If you’re listening, let’s make like pistachios and crack it down.


Photocredit: USA TODAY

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