Bad Girl At The Bookstore

I did something horrible yesterday.  I moved my children’s book, The Little Rippers, to the front display of the bookstore. (Previously, The Little Rippers was sideways on a shelf with hundreds of children’s chapter books. It didn’t stand a chance.)

I was sneaky about the move. I scouted out the area before making the swap. Yet, I still committed a violation of bookstore order. I felt like a criminal, and it was even worse since it occurred in the children’s section.

I heard one of The Real Housewives admit that all authors move their books to the front display of bookstores. (Real Housewives are the epitome of “authors,” of course.) It makes sense for authors to want their books to sell. When your book is alphabetized on a back shelf in the corner of a bookstore, it makes it difficult for a customer to stumble upon your novel.  So, it’s only natural to move your book babies towards the front displays.  I’m sure Stephen King and James Patterson began their careers shuffling around their own books to the “best-seller” tables.

Yet, I’m still terribly ashamed.  I know that some bookstore employee probably hates me.  I know that it’s a pitiful thing to do.

But I can’t promise I won’t do it again.  I’m a bookstore anarchist when it comes to The Little Rippers. I just can’t help myself.



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