Candy coated

I really like the taste of Advil.  The candy coating is delightfully sweet, but not overbearing.  In fact, if you gave me the choice of Tic-Tacs, M&Ms, or Advil, I’d probably take the ibuprofen.

Shouldn’t it be illegal to make medicine taste good?  Isn’t the point to make it difficult to overdose?  Shouldn’t over-the-counter drugs NOT taste like something your five year old nephew might prefer to ice cream?

There are other non-food items that I actually enjoy. I love my gummy vitamin.  It’s basically dessert before bed. I’m not even sure why I suffered through the non-chewable vitamins for all of these years when I can get all my essentials through an orange flavored gelatin.  And don’t even get me started on chapstick.  Cherry chapstick  should be qualified as a gateway drug.

I even enjoy licking envelopes for goodness sake. (You know that you agree with me, and as soon as you read those words you immediately knew exactly how an envelope tastes.)  I would certainly prefer licking an envelope to eating a spoonful of mustard.  (For those of you who know me, you know my dislike of anything mustard-flavored.) They even MAKE fruit-flavored envelopes these days, in case you want to develop your palette.

I’m not sure how I feel about all of these non-food items tasting delicious.  But I do know that tomorrow morning when I’m recovering from Superbowl celebrations, I’ll look forward to tasting that sweet Advil coating.   I heat it goes perfect with a side of scrambled eggs.


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